Planning for the Future…

Planning for the tentative but probable future, I should say… When we bought our 2015 Grand Design Momentum 385TH back in March we had a few requirements in mind. One of the major must haves was a garage long enough to fit a Smart Car! IMG_5127Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.34.25 PM

We could’ve went with the 380TH but the garage wasn’t quite long enough, although at the time I almost liked the living room setup better. I’ve since decided we made the right choice there…  


We are totally going to make this work!

We have the big Chevy 3500 Dually that I love. But me + a huge truck + tight spaces like San Francisco streets don’t mesh well. And Allen can only ride his motorcycle to work when the weather permits. This was not the case in North Dakota! 

So we need to fit a Suzuki Katana 600 and a Smart Car in our 12′ garage and securely tie them down for travel so I don’t wind up with a car on my kitchen island! 


Here’s the bike… And Charlie as a baby.

We made the first move toward making that happen last week… We moved Allen’s huge but necessary tool box from the garage into the front cubby. Some people call it “the basement”, I say cubby. Just like some people say “DH” (I had to google this one… It means dear husband). I abhor this term to be completely honest! “Basement” isn’t quite as bad… 


This is before… It’s big, and we can fit a lot of crap in there! If you look close, Charlie’s tiny head is sticking up in back.

Anyway, we got the thing in by taking off the wheels and the top wood piece, then my genius thinking kicked in 😉  

We screwed it to the front of the camper, through the back of the toolbox into the generator cubby. We used a few washers so the heavy thing won’t pull out and rip the wall. And DH, sike, my boo bear can still reach his things from the outside. See, boo bear is so much better right?? 

I’m happy with our progress. Now we just have to figure out a tie down system. I’ve seen some people install these tracks along the floor and I want to research that more… Good thing is we have about a year to think on it! 

And as I write this post, Allen is dropping the camper off at Colerain RV so they can hopefully, finally fix everything. More to come on that note!


2 thoughts on “Planning for the Future…

    • We don’t do much dry camping, but it does work well if we stop for lunch or overnight at Walmart or a rest stop and want to use the microwave or air conditioner, charge our phones, etc. and it’s surprisingly quiet…


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