Hurricanes & Tiny Tornadoes

Let me start with: I love Florida!  Hermine is gaining strength and almost to hurricane status.  hermine

I’m really glad we’re as far inland as we are!  About a week and a half ago we moved from Thonotosassa to Haines City, Florida. We SHOULD only be getting rain here, maybe a little wind. The radar and forecasting is now showing us right on the edge of the possible tornado area. We’d be a lot closer to the action if we were still in Thonotosassa.  I freak about tornadoes so I’m trying to keep it together for Charlie and our very own little tornado named Eustace!img_9167

Who, by the way, did his business outside, across the street today! That was a milestone!

We took him to the vet last Sunday where he got his distemper/parvo/bordatella vaccine.img_9292

And a tornado watch has just been issued for Polk County… Our county. Allen is still at work. Crap. Anyhow…

Eustace. So he had worms, which we knew. Hookworms and tapeworms (these come from fleas). No roundworms (those are the ones that make puppies bellies swell up). The vet gave him some medicine for that and also started him on Trifexis for fleas/ticks/heartworms. I noticed his ears were dirty so they swabbed and checked that out. No ear mites, but they did look to have some yeast in there. So he got ear medicine for that. Oh what a joy! We’ve been attempting to do one ear per night so we don’t overwhelm the little guy.

He’s on the Optimum Wellness Puppy Plan at Banfield, the vet inside Petsmart. We took him to Dr. Merkle at the Lakeland, Florida location.  The nice thing about having him on this puppy plan, at least for the first year, is there are Banfield Pet Hospitals everywhere. So since he needs boosters and all that, we can take him to any location for that and it’s already paid for as well as having all his records in their system. The plan includes neutering also, but we have to wait until he’s 16 weeks old for that. He goes back next Sunday for some more dewormer and vaccines. He was 5.2lbs already! And he’s looking bigger everyday.

Eustace has started slithering under the sides of the island. He’s our little duster. That space is 4″ tall! Charlie is teaching him lots but he learned this all on his own! img_9211

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