Big Top Flea Market in Thonotosassa, Florida

Thonotosassa… Try saying that 3 times fast!

Thonotosassa (I love the name) is home to the Big Top Flea Market, aka Rachel’s version of heaven!

They have just about everything you could want and when I found out Allen had a job in Riverview, FL and we would be staying at the Happy Traveler RV Park again, I got super excited! We got down here Friday afternoon & got set up.img_8486

Then Saturday morning we walked across the street to the Big Top. No pets allowed, so Charles got to get some extra beauty rest while we meandered.img_8312

Allen found a couple books, we picked up some essential oils for the diffuser, found some new little bungee type things for hoses and cords and what not. I got an iced coffee. Then we stumbled upon the mecca of fresh produce!img_8428

We wound up getting 9 large jalapeños (Allen thought they were poblanos at first, that’s how big they were!), 2 gigantic zucchini, 3 juicy tomatoes, some red onions, at least a pound of fresh green beans, and 3 green bell peppers. All for the wild sum of $7.00!!! 


The tomatoes aren’t pictured. When I was taking this photo, I realized the tomatoes were missing. We looked all over then jumped on the motorcycle to go back and buy some more, thinking maybe the lady just didn’t hand us the bag. We got to the main road that we have to cross to get to the flea market, right outside of the RV park, and there, in the very center, where cars do u-turns, was a white plastic bag, full of uncrushed tomatoes! The handle must’ve broke, but no cars hit them! Talk about luck!


I can’t wait to go back again this weekend! I made some fried zucchini that was absolutely scrumptious the other night… Get that recipe here.img_8522-1

Last night we had a bacon-wrapped pork loin (and I added jalapeño slices under the bacon) – oh my goodness… We paired that with parmesan garlic green beans made in a foil packet on the grill… SO good.


Don’t worry, we were just burning the grease off of our Weber Q, not ruining a beautiful bacon and jalapeño wrapped pork loin! 

The other day I tried my hand at pickling jalapeños… I’m waiting for them to get ready before we taste them but I’ll let you know how they turn out!

In the mean time, enjoy your week! Charlie said she will!

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