A really nice lady I met online recently sent me some gems & jewels & sequin fabric.  She makes amazing equine show clothing… No lie… Here’s one of her jackets! And a link to some more…

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.43.26 PM

Is this not absolutely gorgeous?!

I’ve been racking my brain about what I could do with all these goodies. They are all so pretty! I knew there’s no way I could make anything even close to as awesome as the above, but I wanted to use them somehow…

So first I decided to decorate a picture frame that holds a photo of me and my brother.  He passed away last June.  I think this sparkly, shiny, colorful frame fits his personality a whole lot better than the plain black… The only kind of glue I had was a spray version of E6000. I’d bought it a really long time ago, for who knows what, and never used it!  It was really watery and took a while to dry, but when it finally did, it dried completely clear. I think it turned out nicely! 21779348-644D-487A-B923-E0889EE2AA4F

Next, I came across a top online that said “white wine in the daytime” that I fell in love with! (You know those Facebook ads that pop up, that just seem to KNOW you… Yeah, one of those.) So I decided to make one myself… This was a little more difficult but I’ve washed the shirt once so far (hung it to dry) and all the gems stayed on! I DID go ahead and get the squeeze tube of E6000 glue. I don’t think the liquid would’ve done so well on fabric. It might’ve leaked through. 1A558505-EA44-4893-819D-85E79768EB73

I wore my new shirt to go golfing Tuesday! Allen had a wind day so we went over to Chimney Rock Golf Course. For some reason, I guess because Bayard, Nebraska is a small town, and it’s a 9 hole course, I assumed it was going to be a par 3. NO WAY! It was pretty tough! And I haven’t played in about a year. (I’m still sore!)  We played terrible but had a lot of fun. Then headed to the American Legion and made some more friends!


Our final scores: Allen 83, Rachel 84 (yikes!!!)


P.S. It’s in the upper 90’s today, with a thick layer of mosquitos and gnats, so instead of grilling, I’m hibernating and making Gumbo! (I currently have 42 bug bites…) B97288F8-D32C-43AF-AB78-196D036E4815

If your area of the world isn’t covered in mosquitos and you dare to fire up the grill, check out this page for some yummy recipes and ideas!

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