Craving a Donut Hole!

I love donut holes.  

 But I’m actually talking about the donut hole in weather systems.  

 Our neighbor Carmen scored us some tickets for the Reds vs. Giants game tonight and the weather people are calling for rain.  

Last year after the Reds vs Giants

 I know the ENTIRE state of California needs rain terribly, so I’m hoping for a donut hole just over AT&T Stadium!   

Let’s go RedLegs!

Confession: I’m not an avid baseball fan, and I have no Reds gear, so I will be wearing my Giants jersey I got about 8years ago…  

Last year I borrowed a Reds jersey to go overtop my Giants one


The view from our seats last year.

I’m super excited for garlic fries! And I hope they don’t get soggy from rain!  


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