Back to Reality

So I arrived in San Francisco Saturday evening.  Allen picked me up from the airport and we went to get some food and a couple beers at Red Robin. Then we went home to CHARLIE! She was SO excited to see me! (She even peed a little…)  Gosh, I missed her like crazy!  I woke up pretty early this morning, I’m still on Eastern Time really… So I showered and got dressed and made some coffee then I took Charlie for a walk.  I made a grocery list and printed some coupons… Charlie and Allen are both sleeping. In bed. Still. Lazy bums…

IMG_1350The campground (Candlestick RV Park) is SO crowded compared to last time we were here… All the little patches of grass are now just dried, dead, brown patches of dirt.  All the flowers that were so pretty are now just thorny sticks with a couple blooms here and there.  IMG_1351Candlestick Stadium is gone so the view is completely different. We have an end spot this time, so we look out at trees instead of the side of another camper, which is nice.  It almost tricks you into forgetting you are in a black top parking lot.  Almost.  Not really.




Marcus, Allen’s coworker, moves in today right behind us.  I think we should go buy some of those swimming noodles and put them on the bumper, because we will probably be touching.  It’s that tight out here.  I’m not exaggerating.IMG_1352

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