Goodbye Nebraska, it’s been fun!

We are hitting the road this morning, leaving Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing RV Park. (Check out our review here.) We had fun and will definitely come back if we are in the area. Laura and Joe, the campground owners, were super nice and we are for sure going to miss them!

We walked to Chimney Rock Cemetery with Charlie on Memorial Day and spread some of my brother’s ashes.


Yesterday marked one year that Adam has been gone. My mom had some friends and family over to let some balloons go for him. I really wish I could’ve been there.

We spent a few long evenings at the American Legion in Bayard (that we paid for the next day!) We made some friends there…


Clockwise from top left: Larry, Delbert, Allen, and John

We checked out the Pink Palace a couple times. And even though they had run out of their famous prime rib, we still had a good time. Their bathroom was really neat! 29877837-cf98-4f07-96bf-79e78451a79f
We went to the Union Bar once and had some delicious brisket nachos.

Following the suggestion of some local gentlemen, we drove out to Hubbard’s Gap one day last weekend. That was maybe one of the coolest things we’ve done in a while. I saw my first wild snake (other than a little garter snake…) then we saw a herd of wild mountain goats! Or bighorn sheep, depending on who you ask.


Check out this guy posing for me!


We (by “we” I mean Allen because I was scared of snakes at that point!) carved our names into the side of Hubbard’s Gap. Kinda cute, huh?ca7b695a-f680-423d-9bb1-4757c1956821

I always thought Nebraska was flat and green. To be honest, I never really thought about it too much. But it’s sort of mountainous almost. Although you can still see storms coming and building from super far away.258a2828-7c51-4218-b882-a45e8cdfe1c2

This last Friday we went to HiWay 92 Racetrack with Sheila and PaPa Tom, a couple friends we met here.408a6ba9-1d67-4342-98ed-bf84757203db

Saturday we had dinner with Joe and Laura. They have a TON of dragon flies around their house. I had no clue they ate mosquitoes, but apparently that’s what they were doing. It was nuts.


There were SO many dragon flies! It reminded me of something out of Jurassic Park!

Oh, and I had to walk across two cattle grates to get to their house! In flip flops! That was another first.


This is kind of what I looked like…

I also learned what “witching a well” means… I would love to watch someone do it!

But, we have to leave sometime, and now is that time! We have to be in San Francisco for work on Sutro Tower July 5th. So we have some time to get out there… It should be a lot of fun, and we are both really excited. We never really get time for us, to do what we want, or actually take a vacation. So we are doing that now! We have stops planned near Yellowstone, in Bozeman, MT, and near Flathead Lake so far… So stay tuned for what the near future brings us!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 9.25.30 PM

This is a loosely planned version of our trip… We only have reservations for the first 6 nights so far. We aren’t used to having so much free time!

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