Lemonade Bread FAIL!

Since I’ve had my breadmaker, I’ve been trying all kinds of different recipes. Most have come out super yummy. I had high hopes for this one: Lemonade Bread.

Doesn’t that just sound delicious?! I thought it could be like a light dessert, similar to lemon cake but not quite as sweet… I found the recipe here. I’ve made other recipes from this list and they’ve turned out great! (Mexican Sunset Bread, Garden Herb Bread…) But this time… Nope. Not at all good! 

Once I added all the ingredients and the cycle started and the machine started to knead the bread and work its magic, I quickly realized there wasn’t nearly enough liquid. So I stopped the cycle. I added some more lemonade concentrate, then some water. I restarted the cycle, it was too wet so I sprinkled some flour. I finally got the dough ball looking relatively normal. So I stopped fretting and cleaned up.  

It finished baking when Allen was home. I opened the lid to the same dough ball. Only it was fully baked. It didn’t rise at all! And it was heavy! Allen said it could break a window! 

I knew I had to throw it out but I tasted a little piece for good measure! SO sour! Definitely way too much lemonade contentrate was involved in the making of my cement ball. 

Now, here in the grand parking lot of Candlestick RV Park on the outskirts of the city, we have LOTS of stray cats and a few huge raccoons that we see almost nightly when we walk Charlie. So Allen suggested I see if the cats or coons wanted to try my “bread”. I set it in an empty parking spot that night. These pictures were taken the next morning.  

Untouched! And Charlie didn’t even want anything to do with it! You know it has to be bad when raccoons won’t eat it! Lesson learned: check the recipe before baking and compare to what I KNOW works… 

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