Pine Crest RV Park, Slidell


2601 Old Spanish Trail
Slidell, LA  70461
(985) 649-3181

This was my least favorite park I have ever stayed in.

We were here for one month.  During that time, I think I could probably walk out of the front door without sloshing through muddy water a total of 3 days. This is the first place we camped since getting the new fifth wheel.  After the first couple of days, it rained and never dried up. Literally there was 4-6″ of muddy water in our entire site the whole time. See photos below.

The roads are very narrow and full of potholes.  Less than half the sites are paved or gravel.  Apparently you have to get on a waiting list for one of those.

What made it even worse was the lady in the office.  I’ve never met someone so rude right off the bat for no reason in my life.  The day after we checked in, I went to do laundry at the office (where I was only given enough change to do one load), and I asked if our spot floods when it rains because I noticed everyone had palettes and had built porches. (Most of the people there had been working in the area for a year or longer). She pointed to the flood line on the wall from Katrina and continued to explain the difference between a flood and the “puddle” I was referring to. Then she told me to build a deck if I was worried about it. Nice, right?  So then I asked how we should have mail sent and she said I just have to keep checking if it’s there, they won’t call to tell you. That was fine.  We had my mom send all of our mail down to us from the past few weeks and I went to pick it up from the office. It was there.  But the office lady wouldn’t let me pick it up because it had Allen’s name on it.  He had to leave work early one day to get to the office before they closed to pick up our mail.

So, there you have it.  I will never in my life stay here again.


This is when we first arrived.



Charlie on her daily swim


After every walk she got a bath!



The front yard/our parking spot



Our parking spot. Good thing we have 4WD!







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