Candlestick RV Park, San Francisco


650 Gilman Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124

Charlie and her “grandma” Samantha


This is not a bad place. The owners are friendly enough. They have good washers and dryers (expensive but good). They keep flowers planted and taken care of throughout the park. There is a shuttle bus you can take that takes you downtown and brings you back for $12.screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-10-50-25-am

It’s the only RV park in the city. Everywhere else, you’d either have to cross a bridge or stay out in Pacifica, where I heard it’s always gloomy and right on the water so your camper will rust out in no time.

That being said, it’s literally a parking lot. We had the 26′ TT when we were here and couldn’t fit the truck in the same parking space. No grass, just concrete. There is Candlestick Recreation Area right next door so we’d take Charlie over there and let her chase jack rabbits. Candlestick Park is directly across the street (we got to hear Paul McCartney’s last concert for free!). But they are tearing it down to build some sort of shopping district. I think they are also tearing the RV park down but from what I’ve heard, the city has to find them another spot.


Memorial Day 2014


Enjoying the sunshine


SO exhausted from our walk, she needed to rest


Candlestick Recreation area


Allen and Samantha sitting in the neighbor’s spot.



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