We made it Thursday night and checked into Abe’s RV Park off I-35.  



Spot Y-17

 Friday We got the tires balanced and rotated and a nail removed from one of them then had the oil changed. Here’s the truck next to a nice corvette… 


I also won another small victory!  



 Allen didn’t want to get a map. I did. Look what we have! Isn’t he such a sweetie!  I decided to only mark the states where we’ve stayed the night with THIS camper, not the old one too. So we are starting fresh. 

After all our errands we hung out for a while until Karen and Bob were done working.  It was then Friday night drinking time! Finally! We met up at Old Chicago’s for pizza and drinks and made plans to swim at their house on Saturday. Finally I get to find out if little Charlie knows how to swim!  Update to come! I think we are going to try and hit this neighborhood garage sale I saw a sign for yesterday first…  


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