Tower Drop


Now it’s here.


Now it’s gone.

Yesterday, Allen dropped the last 550 feet of the tower!  They destacked the top 450 feet to get it short enough for the fall zone. My mom came up and we drove over to the site to watch.  It’s a pretty neat thing to see. I’ve seen them drop two now.  The first was in Robertsdale, AL and the site was directly across from the RV Park we stayed in. It takes a lot of planning and setting up and then it takes less than a minute and it’s over. Here are some pictures we took from across the street in the safe zone. If you hadn’t known there was a tower standing there, you’d never know now.


My mom got a short video and this is a screen shot from it


Another screen shot right before it fell into the woods

Here are some more pictures we got yesterday… IMG_0557IMG_0559 Allen and I IMG_0555   So now that’s finished, and for this job we (and by we, I really mean Allen and the guys) don’t have to stay and clean up the mess.  This job is kind of an exception because the guy who owns the tower also owns a demolition company so he’s doing all that.  Allen is at work today waiting on trucks to show up so they can load out.  We are leaving here tomorrow and our tentative plans (what other kind of plans are there?) are to stop in Sparta, Kentucky at our friend’s house (she has about 5 acres we can park on), and stay a rent free day there.  Then take our time getting to Abe’s RV Park in Oklahoma City so I can see my buddy Karen, then we need to be in Dallas by Sunday evening. So we have some time, which is a rarity and a luxury.  We are thinking of staying at the North Texas Jellystone Park, but it’s about 35 minutes from the shop.  It looks nice and it would be a change from where we usually stay, at Trader’s Village RV Park, and I’m thinking I will like it better, but we still haven’t nailed that down yet. Who knows, our tentative plans could change later today…. But for now, I’m going to start getting the little things put away and ready to hook up and go.Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.50.33 AM Oh! I almost forgot, we had a little tiny sparrow trying to make a nest in our fifth wheel… We’ve seen them in our neighbor’s since we got here and then the other day Allen saw the little fella with some moss in his beak, climbing in there.  So we took the nest out and put it across the street in the grass.  At least all his findings are in one spot still… sparrow-sitting-on-wood

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