Trader’s Village RV Park, Grand Prairie


2602 Mayfield Road
Grand Prairie, TX  75052
(972) 647-8205
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 10.47.01 AM.png

The RV park is only on the right half of this image.

We’ve stayed here a few times because Allen’s work is based in Cedar Hill. So whenever he works at the shop this is where we are, never for any longer than about a week.  The RV park is right next to the Trader’s Village Flea Market and you get in free.  It’s a HUGE flea market.  They have just about everything and there are little cantinas spread throughout the place that sell beer and margaritas.  The campground itself has a pool and a little playground.  The laundry is really cheap and there are a lot of machines that work really good. I think it’s open all night long, but I could be wrong.  The office refills propane and there’s a little store with essentials.  It isn’t SUPER pet friendly but it’s ok for short stays.  They only allow you to walk your dog on a narrow strip of grass along 2 fences.  But that wasn’t such a huge deal.  Walmart is a couple exits up I-20 and there are a bunch of restaurants right up the street.

Word of advice: If you have a large camper, request a spot in the front. It gets very tight toward the back. The last time we were here we came in at night and got stuck down a road with no place to turn around.  Wound up giving the truck a character dent by jack-knifing trying to turn around (that was with the 26′ travel trailer).



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