Paradise Island RV Park, Haines City

I really like this place but I have to say it is NOT big rig friendly. The roads are asphalt but pretty narrow. The wires and trees are low hanging, we trimmed some trees and kissed a wire pulling in. Luckily no damage! They gave us 2 back-in spots, turned into a pull thru since we are so big. Also, we ran our electric cord to the front side of the camper to get 50amp service.

32000 Hwy 27

Haines City, FL 33844


We stayed here for a couple months in August-October 2016. We paid $190 for a week when we first got here, FHU, everything included. Then once we decided we were going to be here for a while we paid $515  for a month.  It’s $35/day. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-8-28-05-am

They also offer some rental campers for $800/month in the off season, and I believe $950 during the winter. They require a $100 deposit for these and a coworker of Allen’s didn’t get that back for close to 2 months after we left, just FYI.

The sites are sand/grass with large concrete patios and some have sidewalks leading to them. There seems to be lots of permanent setups with people who winter here but go “home” for the summer months.

Laundry… Washers are $1.50 and take 25minutes. Dryers are $1.25 and take 45minutes. The machines work really well and there are 6 of each. The office has quarters available.

Pool… They have the cleanest pool we’ve ever seen at an RV park! And it’s huge. 55,000 gallons. 8.5ft at the deep end.

Wifi… Only at the office. But it’s good, strong and fast. I’ve been updating apps whenever I do laundry.

The campground is on a lake and they have boat docks you can fish from if you want, but there’s probably alligators in there, so we didn’t get too close! There’s a small group of large birds, painted sandhill cranes I’ve learned, that I see walking through the campground almost daily. Surprisingly Charlie doesn’t pay them any attention… And Eustace is scared stiff when he sees them!

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