Orange City RV Resort – Orange City

2300 East Graves Avenue

Orange City, FL 32763


We were here a little over 2 weeks in May 2017. We paid $149 for the first week (with a first time visitor special) then it jumped to $253 a week after that. There’s no discount for weekly so then we paid $36.14/night. We had a pull thru, FHU 50amp site with some much welcomed shade! 

All the sites have a concrete patio and picnic table. Some are paved but most are sand/grass. Our site was just barely long enough for the camper with the truck parked sideways in front of it but we made it work! We did have to move the truck a few times for campers pulling in or out. The gravel road in front of our space was very narrow. 

This is a Sun Resort park so it’s more corporate than we are used to. Despite some of the reviews I read before coming, the staff at the office were friendly as well as the maintenance staff. But there are some stray cats that use the sand as a litter box, which was pretty gross, so that review was based in fact for sure!

The pool is nice and they also have a hot tub but it was too hot for that! There’s a billiard room and gym that I can’t comment on. The “dog park” was tiny, nothing special, and on the opposite side of the park from where we were. The place is 33acres I believe, it’s huge. 

The laundry looks great at first glance but the largest machine ($3.50) didn’t spin so my money was refunded and I was left with sopping wet sheets. The other front loading washers ($2.00) leave your clothes super sudsy even with an extra rinse ($.25) so I’d suggest just using the top loaders ($1.75). They have commercial dryers for $.25/6 minutes.

They have some posts with doggy bag dispensers on them located throughout the park but no wastebaskets anywhere. That would be a suggestion…There are 3 dumpsters that I’ve seen and they tend to overflow twice a week. I can’t imagine how it would be in the winter when all the units are occupied!

They have rental units available for about $230/week plus a cleaning fee. But depending on which day you call and who you speak with, that price fluctuates. Our friends Justin and Tikila thought about renting one and that was their experience. 

Overall it wasn’t a bad spot. We met some nice people. We had the best pizza ever across the street at Stavros. There’s also a liquor store and convenience store across the street. We had a chance to visit Blue Springs State Park and DeLeon State Park. Highly recommended!