Novato RV Park – Novato

Novato RV Park

1530 Armstrong Ave. 

Novato, CA 94945


This is a view of the RV park from Hunter Creek Rec Area

We stayed here 2 weeks in July 2016.

$81/night or $486/week for a FHU spot with a picnic table and cable. Each electric pole has 30amp & 50amp service and the water has 2 spigots. Most of the sites have electric and water meters. The roads are asphalt and the sites are fairly level gravel with a concrete patio. No grass at all. There is a “dog run” area toward the back of the park but it isn’t enclosed and there was a homeless guy sleeping there. It’s also full of stickers and burrs so watch your pup’s paws! There is a pool but we never used it. You put a $5 deposit in for a key I believe. I might know more about it but the woman in the office wasn’t too friendly.


This is an overview of the entire place including the mobile home park that is connected. 


These are really the only spots that would be available for a shorter stay. It’s tight. The dump station is in the top left corner of the image next to the deli, making it really awkward to use if you are just passing through. The overflow spots are the regular parking spots right in front of the office and pool. They put a few rental campers there during our stay. 

If you want to stay longer than 21 days, you have to fill out an application. (I wasn’t informed of this when I made the reservation.) They ask for your name and “residence” (specifically not a PO Box) and your phone number. They want your social security number to run a background check, a credit check, and to run it through some renters association. They ask you to list your previous residences and landlords with contact numbers. They want the make, model, year, and owner of your rig, and they also wanted to know who the lien holder was! You then need to provide proof of income, showing at least 3 times the amount of rent.

The rules state that if you have any plants, the containers must be approved by the office and yet there were a few spots that looked like mini jungles! It’s not a very quiet park with people moving in and out daily. It’s small with most of the property dedicated to mobile homes. The mobile home park is pretty big and shares a trash area with the RV park so that was constantly overflowing, as was the recycling bin.  There is a dump station in an odd spot that was fairly busy also.  The “overflow” parking is in a regular parking space in front of the office with no hook ups.

Here is the dog area. Charlie wasn’t a huge fan.

Novato RV Park is on the side of 101 and about 20-25 miles from San Francisco. Novato isn’t a bad city, I actually kind of started to like it, but the RV park itself isn’t in the best neighborhood. I was hesitant to walk Charlie by myself too far outside of the park but it’s a whole lot easier to drive the truck around than it was by Candlestick RV Park. We did find Hunter Creek Recreation Area almost across the street, that has a walking trail. (It’s a Pokestop in case you’re into that!) There’s a Trader Joe’s, a Safeway and a Target not too far from the RV Park.

If we had to work in San Francisco again, I guess we would stay here. It’s a whole lot further for Allen to drive to work, but better than Candlestick RV Park overall. 

Here’s a good view of an empty site. This is a back-in.

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